Write Job Ads That Attract Women in Tech & Digital

White Paper: How to De-bias Job Ads For Women in Tech & Digital

Women in Tech & Digital unconsciously perceive job ads differently than their male counterparts. Many ads are still written in a way that deters women from applying. As a consequence, companies receive less applications from Women in Tech & Digital. A first step to attract more women to openings is to be more considerate when writing job ads.

In our White Paper, we explain eleven factors you should watch out for. Download it and learn what makes the difference.

Test Your Job Advertisement

A first step to make a job ad more attractive for Women in Tech & Digital is to test it for certain adjectives and nouns used. This simple test tool (BETA) shows which words are rather male coded and should be replaced with female coded terms.
But beware: particular words are only a small part of making a job ad attractive for Women in Tech & Digital. Download our White Paper to learn about many other factors to improve job ads.